There are three types of shifting. Fantasy shifting, mental shifting, and physical shifting (f-shifting, m-shifting, and p-shifting). Every one of these is necessary to grow a tail, wings, etc... on this page I will explain how to do each step.

Fantasy Shifting (f-shifting)

To fantasy shift is fairly easy. You just have to draw a picture of how you want your tail, wings, etc.. to look (draw them on you)Put them exactly as they will be on you (where they will be, what color they wil be etc...) Then write down everything about yourself as that mythical, what you eat, your eye color, skin color, hair color, personality, etc... Just write it all out. Then you're done with that step!

Mental Shifting (m-shifting)

Mental shifting is when you get into the mindset of the mythical that you are becoming. Use your Fantasy shift in this step. Start to act like your Fantasy shift, even in the small things, eat like they would (fish for mers), wear what they would (baggy sweaters for avians), be scared of water (for mers) all of those little things. In short have your lifestyle match that of your f-shift.

Physical Shifting (p-shifting)

Physical shifting is the hardest part of the Shifting process. This is where you physically become the mythical. This step is painful and can take months or even years to complete. First you must meditate or completely relax your body. (some people lay down on a couch or bed and relax each muscle in turn by clenching and then releasing them) Then feel yourself turning into the mythical from a first person perspective. For avians, feel the growing pains of your wings, and the feathers poking out. For mers feel your legs comming together, your scales poking out, and your gills forming, in the same places as you drew in your f-shift. Two hours per day is the bare minimum for this step and that needs to be every day. The more shifting time that you can put in the faster the transformation will occur.

If you have any questions then pm me or use the contact page of this cite.

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