This page will have information on each different type of mythical. To learn how to become one of the following mythicals simply go to the Shifting page above and begin your magical journey. Enjoy! (P.S. The following information is incomplete at this time and will be updated daily)


Mermaids are probably the most popular in demand of all Mythicals(next to the dragon). They were in fact my original reason for wanting to become a mythical.
Mermaids as you probably know come from mythology all around the world. They were often seen by sailors, and have since become a famous part of fantasy around the world.
Mermaids can be complicated. There are factions within factions, so we will just go into the basics. There are two different species if you will, of mermaids. As seen in the TV series H2O there are mermaids that live on land and that gain their true form when they touch water. Then there are those who are always mermaids. For our purposes we will call them land-walkers, and non-changers.
Within those parameters there are two kinds of mermaids there are fresh water mermaids and salt water mermaids. Fresh water mermaids tend to be shy, and only come to the surface at night, which is why not many appear in stories. Salt water mermaids on the other hand are more daring and curious. This is why they have been sighted time and time again throughout history.
Also, there are more salt water mermaids than there are fresh water, This is due to a few simple facts. There is more room in the ocean, and more food so it can harbor mermaids than rivers and lakes can, also its easier to get away from humans for their survival.
Another interesting fact about mermaids is that they often times have powers, which include hydrokinesis (power over water), arokinesis(power over air/wind), telekinesis(the ability to move things with your mind), telepathy(the ability to communicate through thought), and more.










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